After Derek Zoolander was arrested in a national FIAT® 500X commercial, we integrated him into our social media space in a way that made sense for the FIAT® brand and capitalized on existing interest in Zoolander 2. To take Derek’s arrest a step further, we put him on probation, giving him a complete takeover of the FIAT® USA Twitter handle for one day. Derek used the handle to make a case for his release and asked followers to join his movement, using #LegalizeHot. To ensure an authentic Zoolander voice, we collaborated with the movie’s writers to post quirky, misspelled tweets that told the story of his arrest and punishment, all while incorporating branded content surrounding the FIAT® 500X.

See the whole Tweet timeline here.

Original Spot: Trailer Park

Art Direction/Photography for Takeover: Kristen Cleghorn

Copywriters: Mary Jane MacCready and Lisa Jacokes

Sizzle reel compilation: Wil Manera